Thursday, June 10, 2010

hello fellow GP-ers.
i have finally been feeling good consistently. its so very nice that the 8 pills of domperidone a day is finally seeming to work. its a miracle drug, and bullshit that its not FDA approved. utter bullshit. but feeling decent has been going my way, welll until two nights ago. after eating a bit too many chocolate covered pomegranates, i was throwing up so so so hard, that i actually couldn't breathe. i had just major inflammation of my damaged vocal chords and failing thyroid glands that i couldn't breathe. nothing like this has ever happened to me. it was quite frightening. so of course the boyfriend called 911, since of course i was at his house. mom and dad rushed over and the ambulance took me to the ER. win! there they took xrays of my lungs and throat. everything was okay and finally the breathing became close to normal and i could go home. what a pain in the ass this disease is. so many things all combined really screws with my life. but on a good note, i will be leaving tomorrow for daytona beach florida. my heaven and favorite place on earth. so i cant wait to get away, relax and soak up the sun.
hope everyone is feeling good.