Monday, September 20, 2010

dear readers,
i know that its almost been a month since my last post, and i am so truly sorry for that. things have been up and down, like usual. recently, for the past couple days, i have been feeling awful. i was up all night last night throwing up things from 3 o'clock that afternoon. not fun. we went to the temple university medical center for another gastric emptying test a couple weeks ago. it was six hours long and not that fun. during the test the tech said everything was moving through fine. WTF? apparently it was a mostly normal test except for when the liquids went through? this makes no sense to me, especially since recently ive been throwing up things at night that i ate for breakfast. its so frustrating and im not sure what this means now. all i know is that i an so incredibly tired of being ill all the time. i just want to be normal, live a normal carefree life. im so very tired of having to watch and worry about everything i do, put in my mouth, and taking all of my medicine. im so tired of the comments and the lack of care since this has gone on so long. people have seemed to forget about my feelings and think just because its gone on this long and that i may seem happy on the inside, that im not being killed on the inside. its so frustrating but i have to live with it.

hope you guys are feeling good.