Friday, December 10, 2010

so i just got home from a trip to Philadelphia to the Temple Medical Center to see Dr. Parkman. This wa sa follow up to my stomach emptying scan, which like i said earlier came up so bizarre (my food my going through fine but my liquids had trouble going though (which i have trouble believing because i still puke things from up to 8 hours prior)). He said one of the drug trials that he is involved with i couldn't be a part of because of my results, but there is another trial on a drug that still being cleared through the company. hopefully by the time we go back in april i can be a part of it. he gave me a new drug, another anti-depressant, for the time being. im not sure the name but once i start it i will fill everyone in. i hate taking anti-depressant because i think the paxel has made me even more sad. hopefully this one will do the reverse effect and make me happy and feeling good. fingers crossed.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

today i feel awful. i haven't been to school for three weeks (minus one day). i dont care about anything anymore when i feel good. i throw my diet out the window and try to make the best of my good feelings. but boy do i pay for it in the end. i have been sleeping an unusual amount recently. i sleep for 12-15 hours and cannot wake up. i dont know if it has to do with my thyroid (since i haven't gotten my regular blood work done for...forever.) but that is also making me very worn down and tired. this friday i am going back to temple medical center for my return appointment with dr. parkman. it also happens to be the day after the birthday (boo). so i get to bring my bestfriend alex, since my boyfriend cant miss his two college finals, on thursday (my birthday) over to phili with me. we are going to a fancy restaurant and then dr appt in the AM. we also get to go to king of prussia mall (SCORE!) so atleast ican make a lot of fun out of this appointment even though its on my birthday. hopefully he gives me lots of lovely drugs thatll make me feel great.