Wednesday, October 19, 2011

guess what! its that wonderful time of the month, well for me every 4 months. thank the lord that i was put on continuous birth control to eliminate some of my periods cause man, they are AWFUL. i woke up with paralyzing stomach nausea, missed my two classes, and slept till one. i barely left my dorm, let alone my room. back and fourth with nausea, waves of cramps, and massive pain in my ovary area really just makes the day so wonderful. in addition to my normal meds, i've taken some ibuprofen to ease the pain and basically laid down all day. i hardly ate. and threw up only once. my only secret to getting through periods with GP is to all out eliminate them. i couldn't handle month after month because the intense ill-ness would only be over just in time for a new period to begin. but people always enjoy tell me "i heard thats so bad for you" "you are not going to be able to have kids" this will hurt you in the long run." well actually no its not. my gynecologist, whom i adore and trust with my entire life, told me that there is no need to worry and that nothing bad can happen from increasing the time between periods. so i don't worry one bit. so off to more time in bed i go. waking up and taking a history exam tomorrow morning won't help my stomach, but hopefully i can get through the rest of the day.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i have been having the WORST allergies since thursday this week. well at least i think it's allergies. i'm pretty sure they are, and they are miserable. my entire head is full of crap and its running down my throat and evidently into my stomach making my decent stomach hurt like hell. i slept until 2 today and literally sat around wallowing in self pity over my body feeling like complete crap. and driving back to school for the wonderful hour and a half drive in the pouring rain and dark just added to the day. i'm going to go to the health center tomorrow after my classes to see if they have something to give me to stop this madness!

Monday, October 10, 2011

dear readers,
i cannot express my complete apologizes to all of you who have relied on my blog for information and tips about this awful disease. There has been so many things going on i put this blog on the back burner due to he fact that i don't have such a severe problem with my stomach. But since i've been getting emails about how my blog has helped them recently, i feel that i must start up my blog again and continue telling my story.
I have recently just began my first year of college, and I absolutely love it. For orientation i got a doctors excuse for when i scheduled my classes that they must be later in the morning/day. My earliest class is at 9:30 which is somewhat of a struggle to get up, but i can usually shake it off andcontinue my day on a high note. i only have three classes and a lab so the stress level is generally low. Two classes back to back on monday, wednesday, and friday going from 9:30 until 12:20. Then i;m done for the day. tuesday i only have history from 10 to 12 along with thursday when i have an additional lab from 2:45 to 5:45. i am really happy with all of my classes, especially my biology classes. being a biology major i adore this class and lab, even though its not exactly what i like to study in biology, ecology.
Now i know you all must be wondering how i do my food. There is one cafeteria and there are a couple restaurants somewhat like a food court in our union. all freshman had to get an unlimited meal plan for the cafeteria, but the food is from eat 'n park. not to diss that establishment, but their food is of the lowest quality and happened to make me sick every time that i ate there, no matter what it was. being vegetarian already limit my diet there, and what was left was salad, pizza, and pasta, along with some bizarre specials they would tend to make. all of these being the lowest quality and honestly awful to eat i would throw up almost every time iate there. so something had to change, they wanted to make me my own special menu there but i told them that it didn't work due to the quality of the food not the range in options. the good thing is in our union i have so many choices and can eat very well without getting sick. of course this place is more expensive and they had to change my meal plan completely to fit to this change in eating.
so now i can eat on campus, along with eating in my room. my dad got my a rice cooker, which i found that makes a lot more than just rice. i've made my favorite pasta roni and some mac and cheese without even leaving my room since microwaves are not allowed in out dorms. so i have a lot of options.
i've been drinking a lot of cold tea which seems to always keep my stomach settled along with me being awake and alert.i'll come up with some more way i have been dealing with college for my next post.

hope you all are feeling so well!