Sunday, July 25, 2010

good evening my sweet readers,
i want to keep up with this blog so badly so im going to try my best to blog frequently. nothing new or exciting has happened since the last post. running has seemed to really help my stability, strength, and endurance. little by little i am gaining back the strength i once had (as a dancer). im hoping to be in good shape in the next 2 weeks when the danceline/colorguard band camp begins. i can only describe it as hell to me, waking up very very early, doing vigorous activities from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and being out all that time in the hott hott weather. im not looking forward to it, or the way my stomach will handle it. but this is what the running is for and hopefully ill be better off come camp time. i hope everyone reading is feeling good. my best GP friend from england is not doing so well. she is permanently hospitalized because she has lost so much weight, and cant keep food in. i feel so awful for her and i wish so badly that i could go be with her at the hospital. unfortunately she lives across the atlantic ocean. so a prayer goes out to her and all of you suffering for this horrid disease.

feel good today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hey everybody,
i hope all is feeling well. i sure am not. since the last post i have still struggled with my stomach, and throwing up. i just cant seem to get out of this slump. its terrible. this hasnt happened in such a long time.
so today is day 1 of my "self- endurance training" a.k.a. me running everyday. ive heard from a lot of GPers that running and being active helps their stomach. now i couldnt handle doing dance for more than an hour but right now i need to build up my strength and endurance for this upcoming year of danceline//colorguard. Its my last year and i made captain so i need to be able to do everything im asked. so im going to go for a run//walk everyday. im really hoping that itll work out for the best.

stay strong.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

hello everybody,
i cannot express my apologies that i haven't posting for a month now. things have been hectic and ive been so very busy. but an update for ya, last wednesday we traveled down again to baltimore to go see the lovely Dr Linda Lee. She was great and was so happy to hear of my progress. I've gained 3 pounds and have been eating regularly. but lately i have been in a terrible two week slump of feeling nothing but crappp. all in all she seemed exstatic about my progress and suggested me re-trying phenergan. it is an anti nausea medicine ive used before, but it just made me too sleeppy with little effects. so im going to give it a try again and see what'll happpen.
she also suggested that the next step would be going to philidelphia to be in a clinical trial for a new anti-nausea drug. i am so super excited and cant wait to go. she said the doctor is top notch, and for someone out of johns hopkins to say that, he must be good.

i hope you all are feeling great!