Sunday, April 25, 2010

hello readers,
just another update for you all. i have been plagued with sickness for the past couple of days. i was doing good from tuesday till thursday. and then non stop puking since then. i don't think the domperidone is doing so much, so mum is going to call dr. lee first thing monday to play around with the dosage. hopefully that will do something for this ragged stomach.
since i've been really starting to follow a strict diet, i have decided to become a Pescetarian. which means basically being a vegetarian, but one who eats seafood and shellfish. seafood makes my tummy so happy, seriously. i never ever get sick after eating some type of seafood, (my favorites being shrimp lobster and crab.) i actually have been following PETA myself and watching videos and reading things that really dont help my nausea. HAHA. my boyfriends sister is a vegan so she is helping me with foods and recipes i can use to get proteins and nutrients without eating meat! but cruelty aside, i believe that this is a good direction in a diet, and i am excited to see if it really works or helps at all.

hope youre feeling great!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

wake up in the morning....... not feeling like p.diddy

hello my lovely readers,
so...ever since the beginning of this whole stomach mess, the morning has been the absolute worst time of the day for me. if i have to get up early i am literally paralyzed in nausea and can hardly get out of my bed. every morning this happens when i have to wake up early, no matter what, even if i felt great the day before and even several days before. it is the most frustrating thing in the entire world, and nothing seems to fix it, except going back to sleep to numb the nausea away. thats why i cannot go to school, but when i did i would only go for a half day. this is also why i haven't gone to my college class at 9:30 in sooo very long. i feel so frustrated and i do everything in my power to get up and go, but its really is physically impossible.

so i ask...
does anyone else have this problem?!
let me know.

Monday, April 19, 2010

when there's no light to break up the dark, that's when i look at you.

hello fellow GPers,
how is everyone feeling? i know my stomach has been doing some weirdo things. i think that maybe the domperidone has been helping me feel better but ive still been puking so much, atleast every other day. its very confusing because i do not even feel sick and then i just have to puke. then i'm totally miserable after. not what i'm really used to.
i've had some great days, and i've gone out as much as possible. my best friend cara also is at home and sick. she has fibromyalgia and a gluten intolerance so she's home from college. poor thing. she also has some tummy problems herself. so we can hang out during the day and not be bored and alone. i really love being with her, she;s a blessing. and then after that i have my amazing boyfriend, who has helped me more than anyone, in the evening. i love it. i really do love my life now, minus the GP, now that i have really found out what my life is about and who i really want in my life. i have surrounded myself with the most amazing people in this world, and i couldn't be happier. as awful as this disease may be, i do believe that it has happened for a reason. i have met so many amazing people, lost many people that i discovered dont really belong in my life, and have found out who my true friends are and i am so thankful for them. to all you reading, focus on things like that, because as hard as it is to not focus on the bad, think of the good that has come out of this disease. there has been a lot of bad, but i know for me, there has also been plenty of good.

just wanted to give you an update, and try to keep up more with this blog.
i hope you are all feeling so good.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

hello my GP lovers,
so i dont know if anyone noticed but i have been spelling my new medicine completely wrong. it is actually called Domperidone. whoopsies. i guess i was just spelling it how i wanted! hehehe. so it justcame in the mail from Venatu in the south pacific. and i actually think it is working so ill fill you guys in on it!
Domperidone is a medicine that increases the movements or contractions of the stomach and bowel.This medication increases movement through the digestive system. It is used to treat symptoms of stomach disorders. It may also be used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by certain medications. The problem is that it is not FDA approved in the U.S., but dont worry readers, it is not because of the medicine itself. of course its an economic issue. It would cost too much to endorse the drug, and the drug is so cheap that the company endorsing it and getting it approved would not gain that money back. But it is available without a prescription in 58 countries. we got mine online with a website my doctor gave me.
so if you guys feel that you could use this let your doctor know! because i do believe it is starting to help me!
feel good today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

life moves slowly, when your waiting for it to boil.

hello readers,
sorry its been so late since i last posted. since last weeekend i have been just trampled with sickness. but good new, the domperidone has been shipped. i cannot wait to try it. its kindof sad.
ive sticking with the liquid diet. my plan for good days is no solids until 2:00 PM and stop eating around 8. but onsick days, liquids only, minus small noodles or rice that may be in soup, like dr. lee said. i do think it has helped sooth my stomach when it is sick. my parents bought this blender// food processor called the Ninja. (HAAH i know.) but boyy that thing really works. itll chop anything and everything so quick. perfect for the liquid diet.
the boyfriends gone until sunday, so hopefully i can keep myself occupied. planned a shopping trip tomorow evening with one of my girlfriends,so that will hopefully distract me from feeling like crap.

does anyone know if i can eat sushi?
feel good today.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

yesterday was brillant.

hello my lovely reader,
so i have the most amazing news. dr lee is so ridiculously amazing. i was so happy i cried after how positive and confident she was about helping me, and FIXING me. she basically said to screw the low fiber diet. she said you always want to go for low fat, but when you are feeling sick to use a blender as a second stomach. she said that you cant always trust your teeth to grind up your food, so use a blender. fruit and veggies, to make smoothies and soups. liquids have always been easier for me to keep down so she said that it is perfect. keep it simple.
she also is having use get the medicine domperidone. it is not FDA approved here in the US but she assured us that the reason is the economic state, and not the actual medicine. it does not cross the brain so there are no side effects like reglan. she we have to buy it online, and you dont need a prescription.
im so excited and have new hope about beating this and feeling better. im so glad we went to see her and will be going down again in 5 weeks.
i am so excited to start on this new path toward feeling good.