Wednesday, October 19, 2011

guess what! its that wonderful time of the month, well for me every 4 months. thank the lord that i was put on continuous birth control to eliminate some of my periods cause man, they are AWFUL. i woke up with paralyzing stomach nausea, missed my two classes, and slept till one. i barely left my dorm, let alone my room. back and fourth with nausea, waves of cramps, and massive pain in my ovary area really just makes the day so wonderful. in addition to my normal meds, i've taken some ibuprofen to ease the pain and basically laid down all day. i hardly ate. and threw up only once. my only secret to getting through periods with GP is to all out eliminate them. i couldn't handle month after month because the intense ill-ness would only be over just in time for a new period to begin. but people always enjoy tell me "i heard thats so bad for you" "you are not going to be able to have kids" this will hurt you in the long run." well actually no its not. my gynecologist, whom i adore and trust with my entire life, told me that there is no need to worry and that nothing bad can happen from increasing the time between periods. so i don't worry one bit. so off to more time in bed i go. waking up and taking a history exam tomorrow morning won't help my stomach, but hopefully i can get through the rest of the day.


Sam said...

Hey dear, my first visit, I think your blog is inspiring. You give hope to others living with the same condition.
Well Done & Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading some of your posts, and I looked up on the internet gastroperisis (sp?.. I copied and paste when I looked it up ;)
But, firstly, I hope you feel better and I'm glad you got a better pill (or more..hehe)
And secondly, Girl... if you know Jesus, I just want you to know He is on your side! And HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!
Be blessed and praise the Lord.